Step 1: Pull final numerical grades from CANVAS

  1.  Make sure all turned in assignments have been graded. 
  2.  If a student has been exempt from an assignment, enter an 'EX' for the grade. 
  3.  Verify grade weights are correct and assigned. 
  4. Enter 0's for any missing assignments (if applicable).
  5. Optional: download a CSV file of the grades (you may prefer to work off a spreadsheet when entering grades in Maestro).

Optional: Download CSV of grades

Step 2: Enter final grades in Maestro.

NOTE: Once you complete a student, they will no longer have access to the course, even if the semester has not ended.

1.) Click on 'Enrollments' from the menu bar

2.) Click the 'Edit' icon next to the correct student

A new window will appear: 

Select the 'Complete/Drop' tab. 

  1. Enter the numerical grade next to 'Final Grade' 
  2. Enter comments in the 'Comments' box
  3. Select 'Complete'. This will send a grade report to the student, parent and counselor. This will also remove the student from your active grade book in Canvas. (You can still view completed enrollments in Canvas, however the student will no longer show up on your active list of students.)