Before sending progress reports, make sure all assignments in Canvas are graded, and allow for the grades and pacing to be sent to Maestro at midnight. 

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • Unpublished assignments in Canvas are counted as an assignment in Maestro since Maestro cannot differentiate between published and unpublished. 
  • Excused assignments in Canvas do not show as excused in Maestro since Maestro needs a numerical grade to show as completed.
  • Review your pace bar and current grades in Maestro prior to sending progress reports to check for any glaring discrepancies. 

Select the 'Enrollments' tab. 

Change the term to narrow down the students you want to send the progress report to. 

This is especially important when sending progress reports in bulk so that you don't email students in a future term. Or, perhaps, you only want to send progress reports to your on-demand students or your traditional students.

Select all students, or individual students to send progress reports to.

Select the 'Launch Bulk Action' console from the lower lefthand screen:

Once you're in the message template, you can choose a pre-filled email to include specific data fields that will pull from Maestro. 

Option 1:  **Teacher: Progress Report - Traditional Semester Course (Fall, Spring or Year-Round) courses

Option 2: *Teacher: Progress Report - On Demand

To preview your messages, select the 'play' icon from the upper right-hand side of the screen:


Before sending the progress reports, while in preview mode, you must exit the preview mode. You will see this 'X' to exit preview mode about halfway up the screen.