Creating an account is a two-step process.  

It involves creating an account and completing your profile settings. 

For Children under the age of 13 the Parent or Guardian must complete the student profile. Main contact information provided (except student email) can be the parent/guardian’s information. 

Please note: Students will need their own email address in order to create a separate student and parent account. Student’s email address can be non-functional and generated from the student’s school. 

  1. Go to 

  2. Click 'Apply Now'

  3. Provide information requested and click 'Submit'.  (When creating a student account, please provide the name and email of the student taking the course. Even if the student email is non-functional, they will need to have an email on file in order to create a login for the student) 

    1. All other contact information such as phone number can be the parent or guardian’s. 

    2. There will be a spot to enter parent/guardian email and contact information in the complete profile settings step.

  4. A message will appear that your child’s account was successfully created and will provide you your child’s username. Your child will also receive an email with account information if you prefer to finish their account setup another time.

    1. If your child’s email address is non-functional, make sure to write down the username that appears on the message that pops up, as well as the password you created during the setup:

Now that your account is created, you must complete your 'Profile Settings' before you can request a course. To continue with this process click the login button on the message box that reads “Your Maestro Account has been successfully created” (pictured above)

  1.  Click the 'Complete Profile Settings' under 'Profile' link to complete your profile.

  2. Provide the information requested.  All fields with an asterisk are mandatory.  If you do not have all the information you need, then simply click the 'Save for Later' button to save what you have entered and come back to finish when you have the information you need.

    1. Note: Program Association - Full Time (Elementary)

    2. Please make sure parent/guardian 1 email is different from the student email entered in the account creation steps

  3. Once you have completed all the required information, click the 'Submit' button.

Now log out and back in.  When you log back in, you'll be able to begin requesting courses.

Questions? Contact K-6 Liaison, Lucey Gagner:; 802-591-0248