Students can sign up for appointment slots with their teacher through the calendar tool in Canvas. This is a great way for students to schedule their DBA's (Discussion Based Assessment). Please confirm with your teacher that they have set up appointment slots for you to reserve. 

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

Select 'Calendar' from your navigation menu.

Select 'Find Appointment' on the right hand side of the screen.

Select an available time slot.

Enter a comment and click 'Reserve'.

Your teacher will be notified when you reserve or unreserved an appointment slot. Once you have reserved an appointment, it is expected that you will attend the meeting. If an appointment needs to be canceled, it is the responsibility of the student to give their teacher advanced notice and to unreserve the appointment time slot so that it becomes available for another student. 

To Un-Reserve or Cancel an appointment:

Select the reserved time slot on the calendar.


Select 'Un-Reserve'. 

Enter a comment and click 'Delete'.