Step 1: Pull final numerical grades from CANVAS

  1.  Make sure all turned in assignments have been graded. 
  2.  If a student has been exempt from an assignment, enter an 'EX' for the grade. 
  3.  Verify grade weights are correct.  Summative = 75%, Formative = 25%, Transferable Skills = 0%

  4.  'Treat Ungraded as 0' for all missing assignments

-Under the Gradebook menu, select 'Individual View'

-Select 'Treat Ungraded as 0' 

-Download as a CSV file.

Step 2: Pull proficiency grades from the Learning Mastery Gradebook in CANVAS

  1. Select the Learning Mastery tab from the Gradebook menu.
  2. Export the proficiency grades to a CSV file. (PLEASE NOTE: Once you complete your enrollments, we CANNOT retrieve data from the Learning Mastery gradebook which is why it is extremely important to export these grades.)
  3. Email the CSV file to Kim, for VTVLC's records.

Step 3: Enter final grades, self-direction & communication grades in Maestro.

1.) Click on 'Enrollments' from the menu bar

2.) Click the 'Edit' icon next to the correct student

A new window will appear: 

  1. Enter the numerical grade next to 'Final Grade' 
  2. Enter the self-direction & communication grade next to 'Comments'. Please type the words 'Self-Direction' and 'Communication' before entering the grade so there is a reference as to what the grade means. Add any additional comments.
  3. Select 'Save'. Nancy will 'Complete' the enrollment after the monthly activity report has been submitted and the grades have been verified.