You should receive an email notification that a course request needs approval.

  1. Log into Maestro at  (The email notification should also have a link to Maestro as well.)
  2. Click 'Courses'

  3. Click Course Requests

  4. Click the View icon next to the course request you wish to approve

  5. To approve:
    1.) Change status to AWAITING VTVLC APPROVAL.  This is VTVLC's indication that we can enroll the student.
    2.) Indicate Who Pays.  You have three choices: if you are a partner school, you can use your partner enrollment seats.  Your remaining balance is in the top right corner.  Or, the school can pay the fee or the student can pay the fee.
    3.) You can also change the section.  If the student chose honors, but should be taking for standard credit, you can make that change here.
    4.) Finally, click 'Save'.

  6. The final enrollment will now be completed by VTVLC.