***Before you can request a course, you must create an account, and complete your profile settings.***

To Request a Course:

1.) Log into the VTVLC Student Information System, Maestro, to begin requesting courses. You were emailed your login credentials when your created your account. If you do not remember your credentials, please click the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. 

2.) Select 'Academic Info' from the left hand navigation menu, followed by 'Request a Course'.

3.) All available courses to you will appear in a table.  You can sort by department, course name, or scroll through the options. Once you've found the course that you need to request, select the '+' symbol. 

4.) A window will appear asking you to choose your section.  If honors credit available, then you will indicate that by selecting either the honors or standard section accordingly.  If honors credit is not an option, then only one section will display.  Choose the REASON for enrollment and select the SECTION. Click 'Add Course Request'. 

5.) You will receive a confirmation message that your course request was submitted.

You can repeat steps 3-4 for any additional course requests.

Once you have made all your course selections, that's it! Your course requests will be sent to your school counselor for final approval.  You will receive an email confirmation once your course request(s) are approved.

Questions?! Call 802-885-8331