Written Instructions

Prior to your course beginning, it is important to establish due dates.  Due dates are integrated in the Canvas calendar and syllabus.  

To begin, you'll need to establish the pace for your course.  If you are using curriculum that is licensed from Florida Virtual School, then you can use the Individualized Pace Planner tool to create your pace.  Otherwise you can establish your pace separately.

Navigate to "Course Information" > "Pace Charts" > Individualized Pace Planner.  

  • Select Semester 1, 2 or Entire Course depending on your needs.
  • Enter the date you want this pacing to begin and the date you want this pacing to end.  Also, if your student has a specific number of hours to work with, we can use that parameter as well.

Now your pace chart will be created in the form of a PDF.  You will use this pacing create your course syllabus.

Using either the created PDF or your self created pace chart, you have two options for setting up your due dates.  You can either use the drag and drop calendar or enter the dates one by one.

Use the 'Assignments' Navigation:

If you have already run your course in the past or you prefer to enter a date, then click the 'Assignments' link using the left navigation:

Items that already have due dates, will be indicated.  If you'd like to set a due date or change a due date, click the settings drop-down and select 'Edit'.  

A pop-up will display, simply enter the date.  If you do not indicate a time, Canvas will default to 11:59 pm.  Click Save.

If you want to add further restrictions, click 'More Options' button.  More options will open the assignment's edit screen.  You will be able to restrict access of the item beyond just it's due date.  Here you'll also be able to differentiate due date by sections or specific students.  Further, you can change points, whether it is a group assignment, how the item is submitted, limit file accepted file types, etc.

For more information regarding Assignment settings visit the Canvas Guide: How do I add details to an Assignment?

To Use the Drag and Drop Calendar:

From your course Home Page, select 'Calendar' next to 'Coming Up':

Under undated items, you'll find the items to set dates for. Simply click and drag the item to its due date:

Video Instructions: