The cost struc­ture of VTVLC courses depends on the sta­tus of the school the student attends and the type of enrollment.

Traditional Enrollment:

Partner Schools

No cost to the stu­dent – Part­ner Schools are Ver­mont schools that pro­vide at least one licensed Ver­mont teacher to facil­i­tate a VTVLC online course. Stu­dents who attend a Part­ner School are eli­gi­ble to enroll in our courses at no cost to the stu­dent dur­ing the reg­u­lar school year, as approved by the school coun­selor. (Sub­ject to local school enroll­ment guide­lines.) Any other pro­grams where stu­dents may incur costs are dis­counted for these Part­ner Schools (ie Sum­mer Semes­ter, Learn­ing Recov­ery, On Demand, etc.).

Non-partner Schools

All or some cost covered by school – Non-partner schools are Ver­mont schools who do not pro­vide a licensed teacher, how­ever pro­vide their stu­dents access to our online courses. Most non-partner schools cover the enroll­ment fee(s) for the stu­dent, as approved by the school counselor.

Out-of-State Participating Schools

We wel­come out-​of-​state stu­dents to par­tic­i­pate in our pro­gram. To find out if your school is will­ing to sup­port your enroll­ment costs, please con­tact your local school coun­sel­ing office or admin­is­tra­tor.

Non-Traditional Enrollment:

On Demand Enrollment, Home Study Enrollment, Summer Enrollment, and Learning Recovery Enrollment are outside the scope of the cooperative program and incur additional fees.  Please check with your school counseling office to see if they will support the payment of your course selection(s).